As a boy I spent many hours in a safe light's red glow in my father's darkroom.  A cardboard cutout (predating the clicking of a mouse) was used for dodging and burning under the enlarger for selected  exposure adjustment.  Images would magically appear on photo paper immersed in the developer tray followed by additional trays of chemicals before rinsing and drying. Color prints were produced then by meticulously hand painting black and white prints.

     My father was a freelance photographer.  Outside his normal work hours as a machinist, he made a few extra dollars photographing weddings and various social events using a Speed Graphic Miniature camera.  He used an Argus, Model C2, 35 mm camera (referred to as the "Brick") for his personal photography.  I am pleased to still have these cameras.

     On a sixth grade field trip, I used my first camera (a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye) to record our adventures.  Throughout subsequent years and numerous film (and more recently digital) cameras, I amassed a large collection of negatives, slides, digital files and prints.

     Jean's interest in photography developed, no doubt, as her father recorded her family's life and his outdoor activities over his many years using both still and movie cameras.  As an avid hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman many of his photographs depict Adirondack Mountain locales he frequented and the indigenous wildlife.

     In recent years, Jean's photographic interests have increased, perhaps in part, due to her close association with this photography "enthusiast".  Throughout our travels, Jean has shared photographic "duties" and contributed to an ever increasing portfolio of images.  She has spent many hours in our backyard and on numerous local treks resulting in some great animal and bird photos.

     We hope you will explore and enjoy the fruit of our efforts.